Tanja Kovacevic

Wednesday 22nd Apr 2015

Jewellery is such a personal thing.

Whilst fashion fancies shift with every new season, your favourite, timeless pieces of jewellery hold-strong year after year.

Tanja Kovacevic, founder of Petite Grand really understands this sentimental connection.

Her unique, deliciously delicate collections of handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets are so lovely to wear that you’ll find you rarely take them off, instead simply layering them in varying combinations over time.

It’s upon meeting Tanja however that you really get to understand why this is – her brand’s endearingly thoughtful, considered signature is in fact a direct reflection of her own distinctive personal style.

I recently got to spend the morning with Tanja (and Max), peeking into her wardrobe whilst chatting about everything from favourite scents and Hollywood starlets to the pain of 2am pie-regret.

Want to take a little peek inside Tanja’s wardrobe too?

Follow the link below for my profile on Tanja and all the pics from our shoot…


My style is… easy, comfortable and classic.

My go-to outfit is… a singlet or man’s shirt worn with black jeans and either flats for day or heels for night.

On the top of my wish list is… an evening gown.

 Heels or flats? Flats.

The best (fashion) lesson I’ve learnt is… wear shoes you’re comfortable in. If you can’t walk properly it can break your outfit.

My most recent fashion purchase is
 Nikes – they are just so versatile and go with EVERYTHING.

I keep buying more
 dog treats. Max, my puppy can’t get enough.

I need more
 candles. You can never have enough. Ever!

I wish I’d never bought
 a pie at 2am on the weekend.

If I could only keep 3 things in my wardrobe, they would be
 the first ring I ever made, a Bassike t-shirt and my black leather jacket.

My favourite labels are
 Bassike, Zimmermann and Aesop.

My favourite online store is… NET-A-PORTER.

I always feel happy when I wear
 heels. It means I’m off somewhere special and dancing may be involved.

I wish I’d never got rid of… my old paperback books when I moved overseas years ago.

Any outfit looks better with… red lipstick

Overdressed or underdressed? Underdressed – because you can still look fabulous with a big smile (see red lipstick).

Coffee or tea? Coffee… followed by tea.

I could happily live the rest of my life without seeing another… tv commercial

Photography: Rachel Kara
Styling: Inez Garcia
Hair and makeup: Danielle Butcher

Shopping Details
1.    Dylan Kain ‘The Rodriguez’ handbag, $490
2.    LP33.3 ‘Cracks In The Canvas’ blanket coat, $750
3.    Acne Studios ‘Skin 5 Black’ jeans, $200
4.    Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette spray, $72
5.   Petite Grand ‘Roundlet’ ring, $132
6.   Petite Grand 14kt ’Tear Drop’ ring, $253
7.   Petite Grand 14kt ’Raindrop’ ring, $99
8.   CĂ©line ’Tilda’ sunglasses, $267
9.   Petite Grand ‘Y’ necklace, $139
10. Petite Grand ‘Circle abd Tassel’ necklace, $136
11. Robert Robert ‘Essa’ suede heels, $125


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Simplistic elegance! just like her jewellery

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