The Lace-Up Top

Tuesday 28th Apr 2015

Fashion is definitely having a 70s moment, with smock dresses, platform sandals, round-framed sunglasses and denim flares aplenty.

But what fond-flashback would be complete with the lace-up top, which you can choose to wear with or without your lace-up sandals, depending on your levels of devotion.

Want to see more?

I just so happen to have rounded-up all the best styles that you can buy online…

For all the details, follow the link below…

1. Tibi New York lace-up top, $367
2. See by Chloé lace-up top, $355
3. Tome lace-up top, $585.18
4. Chloé lace-up top, $680
5. 525 America lace-up top, $123.83

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