Lip Service

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Recently the rail in my wardrobe gave way (some could speculate this was because I have too many clothes… but I disagree).

Anyhoo, I had to move everything out whilst my wardrobe was being repaired. A consequence of having all my clothes on a (fairly large) clothes rack at the foot of my bed was that I could see and subsequently wore so many more pieces from my wardrobe (that I’d forgotten were even in there).

Which brings me to todays post – The Brooch. I reckon too many of us have forgotten about this great, cheerful little accessory.

Do you have any hidden away in a drawer?

Pop them out somewhere prominent and I bet you’ll be surprised how often you’ll find an occasion to wear them.

Don’t have any tucked away in a drawer?

How about this fun one from Yazbukey then?

Need to know more?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Yazbukey ‘Le C’est Ahh’ lips brooch, $73


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