The Goods

Tuesday 12th May 2015

I recently discovered The Goods – the loveliest collection of handmade clutches, totesā€¦ and pom poms (naturally).

Spotted something you like?

Follow the link for or the detailsā€¦

1. The Goods fuchsia suede fold-over clutch, $129
2. The Goods purple suede clutch, $99
3. The Goods moss suede clutch, $99
4. The Goods black leather fold-over clutch, $129
5. The Goods lapis lazuli blue suede fold-over clutch, $129
6. The Goods white leather with navy stripe fold-over clutch, $139
7. The Goods natural tan leather clutch, $129
8. The Goods tan suede fold-over clutch, $119

…and you can find the pom poms here

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