Weekend Sweats

Friday 8th May 2015

Itā€™s Friday!

To mark thisĀ momentous event, I bring you anĀ edit of all the loveliest fashion sweatshirts with irony (because yes, that IS a genre).

Picturing yourself getting comfy in one of these stylish numbers over the weekend?

Follow the link below for all the shopping detailsā€¦

1. Band of Outsiders sweatshirt, Ā£90
2. Brian Lichtenberg ā€˜Meow Meowā€™ sweatshirt, Ā£36.75
3. Markus Lupfer ā€˜Cat Fightā€™ sweatshirt, Ā£80
4. Pink Chic ā€˜Grumpy Catā€™ sweatshirt, $21.09
5. Romwe ā€˜Lightningā€™ sweatshort, $10.99
6. MSGM sweatshirt, $135

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