Friday 26th Jun 2015

Friday 26th Jun 2015

INEZ Daily is all about finding stylish solutions for busy women.

Using my long, long (loooong) career as a fashion director and stylist, I put together a daily insiders shopping guide – your ultimate edit.

But so many of you still have questions…

I’ve lost track of the times that I’ve received emails asking for specific help…

“I’m going to a wedding and the dress code says ‘Lounge Suit’… What does this mean??” – Trina.

“Can I wear denim to work?” – Renee.

“What bra should I wear underneath this dress/sheer blouse/halter top?” – Simone.

“What should I wear on my feet when it’s bucketing down? Is there such a thing as a stylish gumboot?” – Jody.

“I’m starting a new job – where should I shop to find some great pieces to update my wardrobe” – Sarah.

and one of my favourites:

“The school run… help!” Katie.

So, I’ve decided to take action!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be launching a new section to INEZ Daily:

‘Ask INEZ’

…where I will answer all of your vexing fashion questions in addition to putting together an edit of great pieces to inspire you.

Got a burning question?

Send them to me at:

[email protected]




x Inez.

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