Sophie Buhai

Thursday 25th Jun 2015

Iā€™m quite fond of fashion (cue: mock astonishment).

Truth be told though, I struggle with the idea of monogamy and my eye’s been known to wander.

For me, fashion is an extension of my curiosity about the whole creative process – be it architecture, film, food, literature, design orĀ musicĀ and how they all blend and inform each other.

But one of the strongest, most recurring couplings would have to be the worlds of fashion and interiors, drawing both inspiration and form from each other.

This connection has been well noted by LA based jewellery and objects collection, Sophie Buhai.

At once striking and simple, her collectionsĀ doĀ double time as both accessories and ornaments, with bold, timelessĀ pieces taking shape in sterling silver, marble, rattan, ebony and hand-carved holly wood (uh-huh, yes.. that’s a thing) .

Want to know more?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Sophie Buhai sterling silver ā€™Egg Pendantā€™, $550
Sophie Buhai sterling silver ā€˜Dream Collarā€™, $1200

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