What Exactly is Sports Luxe…

Friday 19th Jun 2015

Sports Luxe
/spɔːt/ /lʌks,lʊks/

That sweet spot where style and comfort meet, hang out and share a plate of tacos.

Double stripes with sneakers?

Yes please.

Track pants with a collared shirt?


Keen to see more?

Follow the link below for all the pictures and shopping details…

Photography: Scott Lowe
Styling: Inez Garcia for INEZ Daily
Hair and makeup: Danielle Butcher
Model: Amanda Ware

shot 1
Bassike twill double stripe open neck shirt, $395
Bassike twill stripe asymmetric culotte, $520
Spring Court G2 Classic canvas sneaker, $110

shot 2
Bassike compact cotton mini fit shirt, $295
Bassike fleece relaxed pant 2, $280
Spring Court G2 Classic canvas sneaker, $110

Comments (3)

  1. Alison says:

    Lovethe combos but the shirt with the grey trackies pic 2 is different to your link – it’s a spotted shirt very cool and would like the link for that one too please? Thank you ?

    1. Inez Garcia says:

      Gah!! They’ve sold out already 🙁

      But here’s some dotty alternatives for you…

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