Yes you CAN wear sneakers with everything…

Monday 1st Jun 2015

Love the idea of a heel but lackĀ theĀ dedication (to pain) toĀ follow through?

Wishing you could wear sneakers all the time… even to work?

Yes, you CAN!

In fact, I highly recommend it.

Thereā€™s just a couple of rules to pulling thisĀ off successfully.

Follow the link below for all my tipsā€¦

1. Donā€™t get tricky. When it comes to sneakers, stick to the simple white styles. Which leads me to my next pointā€¦

2. Keep it clean.Ā Dirty sneakers donā€™t cut it. They need to look box-fresh. Eucalyptus oil works a treat removing scuff marks fromĀ both white leather and rubber and don’t hesitate throwing your canvas ones in the washing machine.

3. Keep it classic.Ā A well cut suit calls for a classic sneaker. This is not the time for theĀ more modern, hi-tech stylesā€¦

Want to know more?

I just so happen to have put together an edit of all my favourite white sneakers

1. Vans ā€˜Old Skoolā€™ sneakers, $119.95
2. Converse ā€˜Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star OXā€™ sneakers, Ā£55
3. Isabel Marant ā€˜Bartā€™ sneakers, $622.39
4. Woman by Common Projects ā€˜Original Achillesā€™ sneakers, $510
5. Spring Court ā€˜G2 Classicā€™ sneakers, $110

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