Kirstin Ash

Wednesday 15th Jul 2015

As a little girl, I remember being a wee bit obsessed with my mothers jewellery box. I could often be found reverently inspecting each piece, rolling them over in my (chubby little) hands and daydreaming about the special stories that each held.

Fast forward thirty(ish) years (ahem) and I happen upon Kirstin Ash… and all those same stirrings of nostalgic whimsy return.

But this is no coincidence – the inspiration behind Kirstin’s wonderful collections of rings, charms, pendants, bracelets, studs and necklaces is indeed to weave stories and evoke a sentiment for the wearer.

Which led me to ponder – What inspires Kirstin?

Keen to find out too?

Click on the Kirstin’s Mood Board and all will be revealed…

For all info and captions, follow the link below:

1.   Kirstin Ash tassels, from $32
2.   Kirstin Ash 18k gold vermeil ‘Pineapple’ charm, $32
3.   Hermès Jardin Sur Le Nil eau de toilette, $155
4.   Kirstin Ash 18k rose gold vermeil ‘Skull’ bracelet, $98.10
5.   Weleda ‘Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream’, $17.95
6.   Kirstin Ash 18k rose gold vermeil ‘Black Rhombus’ ring, $62.30
7.   Kirstin Ash 18k rose gold vermeil ‘L’, $32
8.   Kirstin Ash 18k rose gold vermeil ’February Amethyst Birthstone’, $25
9.   Johnny Cash ‘The Life’ by Robert Hilburn, $15.80
10. Kirstin Ash 18k rose gold vermeil ‘O’, $32
11. Kirstin Ash 18k gold vermeil ‘Cactus’ ring, $32

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