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Thursday 2nd Jul 2015

Dear Inez,

I’m moving back into office-based work and am in desperate need of some sage inspiration!

I’ve spent the last 18 months in my ‘uniform’ of black jeans, Breton top and boots/converse/Nike Frees, so the thought of now pulling a grown up outfit together is utterly daunting. My office is corporate but quite creative, stylish, but not stitched up (i.e. no matching suits or shifts!) and I’m trying to work the fine line between not looking like I’m trying to compete with my 25 year old juniors, but steering clear of anything remotely style-less, frumpy or mumsy (I blanche even typing those words!).

Furthermore, as much as I’m considering dancing around a bonfire for my overworked mama uniform, I did fall for the ease of a capsule approach to my wardrobe and so would really love to know your suggestions on what to start with!

I love sculptural cuts, neutral tones, quality fabrics, am around a size 10 (that is a Country Road size 10, ahem), can no longer tolerate crazy high heels and have a beautiful toddler that unfortunately hates shopping (I’m still not sure how that happened!).

Kind regards,


For all my answers to Sarah’s wardrobe challenge, follow the link below…


Hi Sarah,

As all mums know, we’re generally afforded around 3.5 minutes to get dressed in the morning… on a good day – which might be alright if you didn’t have to leave the house… or look remotely sane. For those of us that do, this situation can present a problem.

The solution?

My ‘All-Killer-No-Filler’ rule.

What is this, I hear you ask?

Essentially it’s a well edited wardrobe whereby the only pieces that get to stay must actually:

– fit (a good start, yes?)
make you feel great when you wear them (not too much too ask, right?)
stand the test of time (meaning you’ll still be wanting to wear them in year to come, guaranteeing wonderfully conscience-easing fashion math).

This rule, when applied to your new ‘Back To The Office’ wardrobe will ensure that you can get dressed super-quick, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always look stylish, important… and not the least bit crazy.

But what are these ‘killer’ pieces?

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need…

The Stars…
The Blazer: looks great with EVERYTHING, Seriously… try it.
The Boxy Tee Top: a great, modern shape that’s also super flattering.
The Cropped Pant: because they work so well with heels and flats alike.

The Supporting Cast…
The V-Neck Knit Top: the perfect mix of style and ‘I-Just-Threw-This-Together’ nonchalance.
The Midi Skirt: equal parts flirty and fun.
The White Shirt: that blank canvas upon which all great wardrobes are built.
The Black Flats: because we love heels but flats are just a little less… demanding.
The Gilet: French for ‘great tailored piece that makes everything else look waaay more stylish’ (trust me, I’m a stylist).
The Loafer: these NEVER go out of style

with Special Guest Appearances by…
The Statement Necklace: an instant game changer.
The Designer Tote: no explanation needed.
The Perfect Glasses: because, well… it gets sunny.

And to help you on your way, here’s an edit of some great options…

1.   2LYNANDTONY ‘Vortex’ neckpiece, $495
2.   J.Crew Collection cashmere sweater, £114
3.   Rumour London ‘Amalfi’ midi skirt, $256
4.   Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Seditionary Bianca’ flats, $278
5.   Theory ‘Grinson’ silk-georgette blazer, $450.23
6.   DSQUARED2 cats eye reading glasses, $401.66
7.   Balenciaga ‘Cabas S’ canvas shopper, $1045

8.   Zara long coat, $79.99
9.   Building Block ‘Business Bag’, $690
10. Illesteva ‘Leonard II’ sunglasses, $290
11. Country Road pique block stripe t-shirt, $79.95
12. Bassike ‘Stretch Super Lo Slung’ pant, $395
13. Freda Salvador ‘Wear’ d’Orsay Oxfords, $519.94

14. 2LYNANDTONY ‘Nebula’ neckpiece, $682
15. Good Day Girl ‘A Great White Shirt’, $199
16. Miu Miu sunglasses, £190
17. Issey Miyake ‘Bao Bao’ tote, $595
18. Country Road tailored vest, $249
19. Country Road cigarette crop pant, $139
20. Whistles ‘Luma’ ankle strap sandal, £175

The best bit?

When chosen well, all these pieces seamlessly mix and match with each other such that you could (figuratively, of course) fall in to your wardrobe, in the dark, whilst clutching a wet bath towel, roll around for a bit and still be guaranteed to come out looking like that calm, considered individual we all aspire to…


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