Short and Round

Wednesday 8th Jul 2015

Dear Inez,

All the women on INEZ Daily are long and lean. What’s good fashion for someone short and round?

I’m shaped less like a model and more like a Minion 🙂


For all my answers to Marisa’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below…

Dear Marisa,

There are indeed a number of clever fashion tricks that you can use to create the illusion of a longer, leaner less ‘Minion-y’ silhouette.

Here’s my rundown…

  1. Choose V or scoops over boat or crew necks as they create a more flattering, longer neck line.
  2. Empire waist dresses and tops are also a great option as they will cinch you in under the bust and give the impression of a longer torso.
  3. Try layering a darker-toned cardigan over a lighter tee as this creates a narrow, slimming line through the torso.
  4. Go to a bra shop and have a professional measure and fit you for a few good quality bras – a well made, properly fitting bra makes everything look and fit better.
  5. Never wear tapered leg pants, rather opt for straight leg pants where the cuff is as wide as the knee, or else a subtle boot cut.
  6. Don’t wear chokers or scarves knotted at the neck, instead look for pendants necklaces or narrower scarves that can be worn a little longer.
  7. Avoid tops that are too loose – it’s easy to hide in larger clothing but way more flattering to wear something that skims the body, without being too tight.
  8. Don’t wear big prints as these will tend to ‘engulf’ you.
  9. And finally, ballet flats are not your friend, instead, go for the comfort and magical, leg-lengthening, ankle-slimming qualities of wedge heels.


And to help you on your way, here’s an edit of some great options…

1. Wacoal ‘Intuition’ bra, $97.10
2. New Look Kimono Cardigan, £22.99
3. Sam Edelman ’Raven’ suede wedge sandals, $205
4. Isabel Marant ‘Serge’ straight-leg pants, £90
5. Current/Elliott ‘The Traveler’ jeans, $218.74
6. Pink Queen stripe tank, $20
7. Miu Miu blouse, £430
8. d.Ra ‘Illinois’ dress, $129
9. Marni necklace, $470.69


Comments (2)

  1. Marisa Carder says:

    Thanks Inez! =)

    1. Liz says:

      Thanks from another shortie!

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