The Black Leather Shoulder Bag

Friday 3rd Jul 2015

The black leather shoulder bag is one of the few accessories that truly never dates.

So when looking to commit to such a long-term relationship, where is one to start??

Some would argue that there’s no need to look any further than¬†C√©line¬†(pictured).

But I disagree.

Granted, Céline bags are ridiculously good looking, but a girl needs options.

And I have just the options for you.

Follow the link below for my edit of all the best black leather shoulder bags that you can buy online right now…

1. Chlo√© ‚ÄėDrew‚Äô textured-leather shoulder bag, $1,822.48
2. J√©r√īme Dreyfuss ‚ÄėMartin‚Äô textured-leather shoulder bag, $896.54
3. Sophie Hulme box leather shoulder bag, $668.14
4. See By Chlo√© ‚ÄėHailey‚Äô textured-leather shoulder bag, $472.02
5. Chlo√© ‚ÄėElsie‚Äô mini textured-leather shoulder bag,¬†$886.04
6. Marni ‚ÄėTrunk‚Äô mini leather shoulder bag, $1,682.47

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