The Bootcut Jean

Friday 31st Jul 2015

Hi Inez,

I am so over skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans – would love to find a pair of stylish bootcut jeans.

Any suggestions re brands and places selling these in Sydney – definitely would like to try on rather than guessing size online.
Would really appreciate your advice!
Many thanks,

For my response to Caroline’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below

Hi Caroline,

It has indeed been some time since most denim labels have been carrying bootcut jeans, but as luck would have it, I’ve recently discussed the BEST style!

As part of Alexa Chung’s recent collaboration with with AG Denim, she’s designed the ‘Revolution Jean’ (pictured) cut a little short on the leg with a fun ‘kick’ at the ankle in both denim and corduroy, that makes for a modern take on the ‘Bootcut’ and looks super cute with heels and flats alike.

The only hitch is that I haven’t been able to track any down in Sydney

But you can find them online at:

Matches: $334
Matches: $326
Bloomingdales: $288.80
NET-A-PORTER: $305.21
Shopbop: $273.38

Alternatively, David Jones has a vast ‘Designer Denim’ section. Whilst I haven’t spotted any great bootcut styles there lately, you could definitely spend a productive afternoon there experimenting with new cuts and styles .

I hope that helps!

x Inez.

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