The Embroidered Smock…

Tuesday 21st Jul 2015

There’s something so wonderfully festive about an embroidered smock, with their voluminous promises of fun-times.

On the lookout for a little more ‘festive’ in your wardrobe?

Follow the link below for some of my favourite styles that you can buy right now online…

1. IndioSun embroidered dress, $48.43
2. Hell Hound Vintage embroidered dress, $204.84
3. Isabel Marant ‘Maggy’ embroidered suede dress, $922.33
4. IndioSun embroidered dress, $48.43
5. Madewell ‘Stitchtake’ embroidered dress, $158

Comments (2)

  1. Katie says:

    Made well don’t ship to Australia! Any thoughts on how to get the dress?

    1. Inez Garcia says:

      Hi Katie,
      I use ‘BoxHop’ who just do re-shipping. Some other services will do purchasing as well, for the cases where the vendor will not accept non-US credit cards or PayPal. I have only needed to do that once, and I used ‘MyUSA’ for that.
      Both BoxHop and MyUSA are services which have an annual subscription, though you can usually find a free sign-up offer with a bit of Googling.
      Hope that helps!

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