Lucy Folk

Wednesday 12th Aug 2015

I use the word whimsy a lot – it sums up so well the outlook I both subscribe to and seek out in others.

This also happens to be one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of Lucy Folk (along with cheeky, fun, and a whole lot of good-times) …and her jewellery and accessories label that so handsomely combines Folk’s love of food, art and travel.

The latest collection, ‘Poison Ivy’ has just hit the stores and pays homage to her teenage years, drawing inspiration from the lust and frivolity of the early 90’s with pieces like the ‘Pash Rash’ cuff, ‘Grovel’ pearl ring and ‘Guns ’N’ Roses’ choker.

Keen to know more?

Click on the image to take a little peek into the creative mind of Lucy Folk.

For all info and captions, follow the link below:

1. Lucy Folk ‘Anchovy’ ring in yellow gold plate, $175
2. Lucy Folk ‘Guns ‘N’ Roses’ crocheted metallic thread and fresh water pearl necklace, $495
3. Byredo Parfums ‘Gypsy Water’ EDP, $128
4. Lucy Folk ‘Rose Corsage’ necklace, $550
5. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, $8.73
6. Lucy Folk ‘Grovel’ fresh water pearl ring in yellow gold plate, $650
7. Lucy Folk ‘Pearl Diver’ bracelets, $175 each
8. Lucy Folk ‘Juicy JSJ’ sunglasses, $375
9. Darkside ‘Paper Trails’

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