RACHEL KARA in Cronulla, Sydney

Thursday 20th Aug 2015

Regular readers of INEZ Daily will be familiar with the work of photographer, Rachel Kara.

One of the (many, many) things I love about Rachel is the way her eyes have this wondrous in-built filter that spies beauty, humour and magic in the simplest of things.

Indeed, Rachel’s pictures make my heart smile.

Her outlook on the world is a contagious mix of curiosity, reverence and wonder
 with lots of  stop-offs for delicious food along the way.

This coupled with her thoughtful, considered and uncompromising dedication to all things beautiful makes her a great, trusted go-to when I’m in need of a recommendation.

Want to take a little peek at Rachel’s ‘Shortcuts’?

Follow the link below for her list

Illustration: Josefine Brodd




A filter at Ham , and patiently waiting/anticipating my friend (ex barista at ham) opening his place West End Espresso in Jannali in the next few weeks. It’s gonna be so good!

Left Bower at Sutherland for indulgence , Harry and Marios’ Ham for convenience and consistency. As you’re well aware this is like a second kitchen/dining room to us.

The Old Library…or Brass Monkey.

Date night:
Giro Osteria sitting at the bar.

Cronulla Fruit Fair or Mrs Watsons Organics – getting the produce I want can sometimes be a challenge in ‘The Shire’ so I still will drive to Alexandria or wherever it may be to get the right bresaola or cheese or dried chillis!

I’m really fussy with this one…death before supermarket meat. I go between two butchers both at the Ramsgate Organic Markets on a Saturday…if I’m desperate midweek The Meat Store at Taren Point is pretty good too if you ask a few questions

Bottle Shop:
Whatever’s closest !

Take Away:
Alphabet St for fresh betel leaves, dumplings, noodles and coconut jelly.

Markets…or an old friend opens up for orders on Facebook every few weeks and drops them off locally at her parents place (@sinead.ambrose)



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  1. Thank you Guys! If anyone knows Rachel she is renowned for her great taste. We sure know cocktails here at The Old Library

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