The Flared Pant

Friday 28th Aug 2015

The Flared Pant is your shortcut to leaner thighs.

Truth be told, it’s really just an an optical illusion created by their cleverly distracting, exaggerated proportions
 but it totally works!

The trick to ensuring that you look your most thin-of-thigh is to team your flares with a fun pair of platform sandals or wedge heels, helping to draw the eye down (your now longer legs) and out along those wonderfully full, swishy hems lines.

Need further convincing? Want to see some more style?

Well you’re in luck!

Follow the link below for some of my favourite styles

1. Front Row Shop flared pant, $62
2. Marni flared pant, $777.09
3. Keepsake ‘Fast Forward’ flared pant, $149.95
4. ASOS tailored flared pant, $18.50
5. Ellery ‘Faithfull’ flared pant, $990

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