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Another Tee…

Friday 16th Oct 2015

There’s always room in your life for another handsomely-fonted tee, oui?

With this in mind, today I bring you a selection of the best from one my favourite LA brands, Clare V.

Got just the chinos in mind for this attractive bunch?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Clare V. ‘Oui’ t-shirt, $99
2. Clare V. ‘Saint Gilles Croix de Vie’ tank top, $85
3. Clare V. ‘Bourgeoisie Sauvage’ raglan pullover, $110
4. Clare V. ‘Oui’ tank top, $85
5. Clare V. ‘Piscine’ t-shirt, $99
6. Clare V. ‘Paris Los Angeles’ t-shirt, $99

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