La Crème De La Crème

Monday 12th Oct 2015

I think Elise Pioch and her blissfully-scented candles are all sorts of wonderful. I’m also quite fond of a creative-segue, so her latest creation has me excited.

Inspired by memories of growing up in France with a blue tub of Nivea cream always close to hand, Elise wanted to come up with her own Australian version.

Enter: La Crème De La Crème. Made with 90% organic ingredients including apricot kernel oil, beeswax, calendula flower and rosemary extract, it’s formulated to nourish and protect all whist leaving your skin wonderfully hydrated and repaired.

After a little more hydration in your life?

For more details, follow the link below…

Maison Balzac ‘La Crème De La Crème’ hand and body cream, $15

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