The Floral Maxi Dress

Tuesday 20th Oct 2015

70ā€™s fashion is so divisive, always eliciting such strong emotions, be it loathing orĀ adoration.

Full disclosure: I sit firmly in theĀ ‘love, love, love’ camp and have happily embraced every single one of its (many) revivals over the yearsā€¦

Platform sandals and wedge heels?

Of course.

Fringed suede handbags?


Flared denim jeans?

Hell yes!

But I have a particular soft-spot for floral maxi dresses andĀ all theirĀ glorious volumes of printed loveliness.

You too?

As luck would have it, fashion is again flirting with the 70’s and all these dreamy styles are available instore now.

See something you like?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Paul and Joe Sister ā€˜Chatarelā€™ maxi dress, $453
2. Glamorous maxi dress, $68
3. ASOS maxi dress, $40
4. Glamorous maxi dress, $84

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