The Knotted Headband

Friday 9th Oct 2015

Love the look of a headscarf but feel you lack the skills to pull it off?

May I introduce you to the knotted headband – promising all the whimsy of a headscarf whilst ensuringĀ the perfect knot every time.

See something you like?

Follow the link below for all the detailsā€¦

1. BenoĆ®t Missolin ā€˜Carmenā€™ knotted headband, $182
2. Anthropologie ā€˜Taigaā€™ knotted headband, $38
3. Masterpeace ā€˜Good Girlā€™ knotted headband, $138
4. Ca4la knotted headband, $353.94
5. Johnny Loves Rosie ā€˜Niaā€™ knotted headband, $38

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