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Tuesday 13th Oct 2015

Hi Inez,

What does one wear for travel?

I don’t mean for holidays in general – but actually for the plane so you don’t look like you’re dressed in track pants for a night at home or are otherwise overdressed & uncomfortable.

I’m off to SE Asia in mid November and I need a wardrobe update that looks nice & balances my best chances for an upgrade whilst not requiring too much effort.

What’s a nice fashionable compromise (whilst being practical for long flights?)


For my response to Trina’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below


Hi Trina,

There is indeed an art to traveling such that style and comfort don’t work in inverse proportions.

It’s all about comfortable, tailored layers in carefully chosen fabrics that won’t crease, can be spot-cleaned and don’t take up too much room in your luggage (A.K.A ‘Shopping Space’).

Here’s my ‘Best Chance For An Upgrade’ Checklist, guaranteeing that you also won’t look like you’ve tried too hard (on the off chance you don’t pull it off and end up back in economy).


The Unlined Boxy Blazer
Comfortable, stylish and ever flattering, the unlined blazer is your ultimate traveling ally.

The Tailored Pant (with a pull on waist)
Thanks to that wonderful genre, ‘Sports Luxe’ there’s now so many great, handsome options for this hybrid style. My tip – pick a pair in black, because you WILL spill food in your lap.

The Perfect White Tee
It’s always a great idea to wear soft cotton next to your skin whilst traveling but make sure it’s long enough to hide the waistband of your pull on pant!

The Square Cut V-neck Knit
Not too tight, not too loose and always just the right temperature, Merino wool knits are a must.

The Shawl Scarf
Not only do they look great, shawl-scarves can also do double-time as a stylish blanket, protecting you from extended periods of irrational air conditioning.

The Loafer
So easy to slip on and off, loafers also possess waaaay more upgrade-potential than your sneakers.

The Classic Black Sunglasses
Essential for not only shielding sleep-deprived-transit-eyes, they’re also a great make-shift headband to tame your lank, weary-looking locks.

And just to help you on your way, I’ve also pop together an edit of my favourite styles…

1. Bassike ‘Soft Triple’ jacket, $795
2. Stella McCartney knitted leopard print scarf, $665
3. Ray Ban ‘The Wayfarer’ sunglasses, $201.24
4. Uniqlo extra fine Merino v-neck sweater, $39.90
5. Uniqlo Supima cotton crew neck tee, $14.90
6. Bassike ‘Stretch’ cuffed pull on pant,$295
7. Sol Sana ‘Chippy’ brogue, $69

x Inez.

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  1. Trina says:

    Genius! Thank you so much for the advice! Upgrade, here we come

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