Woven Totes

Wednesday 21st Oct 2015

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to start gathering woven straw bags for all your warm weather ‘toting’ requirements.

And I just so happen to have popped together an assortment of the most handsome styles that are just the right size for a bunch of flowers
 and a beach towel
 and a number ’4’ cake tin (naturally).

Follow the link below and all will be revealed

1. Sensi Studio ‘Maxi’ straw tote, $232
2. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Sardinia’ straw tote, $135
3. Eliza Gran ‘Topanga’ woven tote, $136.18
4. J.Crew straw tote, $90
5. Eliza Gran ‘Venice’ straw tote, $136.18
6. Muun ‘Andree’ straw tote, $31
7. Chico’s straw tote, $56
8. My Island Home woven pandanus tote, $40
9. Athleta straw tote, $57.99

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