Hell Yes to ‘Yay’

Tuesday 17th Nov 2015

This handsome declaration was spotted in the home of Pony Rider Creative Director, Kelly Searl:

“This YAY! banner is about celebrating all things exciting and good. I’m using it as a Christmas tree this year – throw over some fairy lights and shazam!”

To quote the clever team at Pony Rider

YAY! means a hell yes to all the things you love about life.

So “YAY!” for the family

and “YAY!” for the crew that invented chocolate

and “YAY” for camping out doors

and one big bloody “YAY!” for Fridays

In need of more ‘Yay’ in your life?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Pony Rider ‘Yay’ wall banner, $169

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