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Monday 2nd Nov 2015

There’s something’s so reassuringly ‘right’ about the calm, considered aesthetic of Jac+Jack.

I remember once having the label described to me as ‘the 10% of your wardrobe that you wear 100% of the time’

It’s so true – Jac+Jack is simply the most perfect version of everything you need and will find yourself reaching for these pieces every. single. day.

Need to know more?

I just so happen to have shot all my favourite styles from their current collection.

Follow the link below for all the pics…


Photography: Daniel Gurton
Styling: Inez Garcia
Hair and makeup: Teneille Sorgiovanni
Model: Myrthe


shot 1
Jac+Jack ‘Isabel’ dress, $440
Jac+Jack ‘Bold Blue Stripe’ linen shawl, $240

shot 2
Jac+Jack ‘Marsh’ dress, $340

shot 3
Jac+Jack ‘Corban’ tank, $199
Jac+Jack ‘Atwood’ skirt, $320
Elke Kramer ‘Lapse Chain’ bracelet, $600

shot 4
Jac+Jack ‘Hardy’ dress, $360

shot 5
Jac+Jack ‘Robert’ robe, $399

shot 6
Jac+Jack ‘McGill’ blazer, $749
Jac+Jack ‘Hardy’ dress, $360

shot 7
Jac+Jack ‘Calder’ tee, $199
Elke Kramer ‘Stasis Pendant’ necklace, $155

shot 8
Jac+Jack ‘Corban’ tank, $199
Jac+Jack ‘Atwood’ skirt, $320
Elke Kramer ‘Lapse Chain’ bracelet, $600

shot 9
Jac+Jack ‘Corban’ tank, $199
Jac+Jack ‘Beaman’ skirt, $260
Fjordfiesta ‘Scandia Junior’ chair


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  1. Do you know if the Hardy dress will be available on line?


    1. Inez Garcia says:

      Hi Natasha,
      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve just heard back from the Jac+Jack team and they’ve confirmed that the Hardy dress will be available online in ‘Melba’ and ‘Botanic’ from November 30.

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