MANIAMANIA Gravitation Collection

Friday 6th Nov 2015

MANIAMANIA draws inspiration for their collections from many and varied sources – think: occult symbology, the ’60s and ’70s aesthetic, culture and music, magic, mysticism, Georgian and Victorian era jewellery, astrology, Art Nouveau and crystals to name but a few.

And their most recent collection, ‘Gravitation’ is no exception – influenced by the measured lines of celestial cartography interspersed with  the random projections of comets and asteroids.

Featuring signature pieces like their weighted rope bracelets, oversized fastenings, large faceted crystals and statement neck pieces, this time they have also experimented with finer pieces, scaled down for a more feminine, delicate touch, like small hoop earrings, gently weighted with fine crystals and delicate, layered chains trimmed with tassels, to symbolise comet trails.

All this in addition to MANIAMANIA FINE, a growing offering from the brand that introduces rustic white diamonds, chosen for their natural peppered inclusions that resemble galactic forms, taking the collection into a more refined sphere, all whilst still working beautifully alongside the crystals and settings of the main collection.

Keen to see more?

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MANIAMANIA Gravitation Collection

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