Squashy Yet Stylish Summer Hats

Tuesday 3rd Nov 2015

Dear Inez

This summer I’ve vowed to mend my wicked ways in the sun and stick to hats with really wide brims (at least 10cm)…

I have some beautiful straw ones but they are a bit fragile for travelling.

Can you recommend anything squashy yet stylish (if that is even possible)?


For my response to Jess’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below…


Hi Jess,

Working on location a lot, I’ve road tested many hats over the years and have to admit that the combination of sun-smart, stylish and packable eluded me for quite some time….

And then I discovered ‘Mai’.

One of the many great styles by Australian accessory brand Helen Kaminski, ‘Mai’ is not only terribly pretty but she also has a 12.5cm brim and comes with her own ‘rolling tips’ for easy packing and transport…

Place the visor with the back opening facing towards you. Untie the ribbons and position so they extend above the top of the visor. The elastic band should also be pulled up so that it is positioned above the top of the visor.
Roll the visor in towards the centre, keeping the ribbon and elastic above the top of the visor.
Wrap the ribbons around visor. The elastic band must be over the top edge.
Secure the visor by tying a bow.

And here’e where you can find her…

Helen Kaminski ‘Mai’ visor, $190

x Inez.


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