The Frayed Hem

Monday 23rd Nov 2015

Denim has your back – it remembers you as a kid (indeed, you’ve known each other so long you can’t quite remember when you first met), it stood by you during your more experimental fashion years and it still manages inspire you every time you hang out and catch up…

Like frayed hems.

We’re all very familiar with the denim cut-off, but frayed hems on denim jeans is fun. I feel we need to be spending more quality time together!

You too?

Follow the link below for an edit of all my favourite styles in store now…

1. Marques’Almeida ‘Capri’ frayed-edge flared jeans, $367
2. Marques’Almeida ‘Boyfriend’ frayed-edge jeans, $415
3. Current/Elliott ‘Frayed Edges’ cropped jeans, $429.26
4. Cotton On ‘The Ripped Skinny’ 7/8 jeans, $30
5. Mother ‘Looker Ankle Fray’ skinny jeans, $297.80

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