The Scarf Belt

Monday 9th Nov 2015

When I mention ‘fashion accessories’, I bet your mind immediately wanders to thoughts of handbags and shoes.

But when asked for my ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ you’ll always find a great belt on the list.

So often overlooked (or else sadly represented) this small detail will make all the difference – ever perfect in its subtle simplicity.

But you’re not limited to just the traditional, buckled-leather options (as lovely as they can be). I’m here to champion the return of the scarf belt – the perfect complement to your softly-cut manstyle pants.

Most of us have a couple of printed scarves tucked away in a drawer, just waiting for the right accessorising moment… but on the off chance that you feel in need of an update, I’ve popped together a couple of great styles I’ve found online.

Follow the link below for all the details

1. Kimchi Blue ‘Silky Square’ scarf in green multi, $14
2. Kimchi Blue ‘Silky Square’ scarf in blue multi, $14
3. Kimchi Blue ‘Silky Square’ scarf in cream, $14
4. Kimchi Blue ‘Silky Square’ scarf in multi, $14

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