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Friday 11th Dec 2015

Hi Inez,

Hope you are well!

I’m the mother of a 3 year old and 4 months pregnant with baby #2.

I’d love some advice for a summer maternity wardrobe that doesn’t make me look like a whale or completely fashion-less, especially with Christmas and New Year around the corner.

Most maternity clothes frighten me and I’d prefer to buy normal clothes that can accommodate an ever growing bump but can also be worn once bub has arrived.

The thought of jersey does not appeal and although I am quite small in frame, I know that my thighs will continue to expand along with my waist!

Any advice/magic would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much,

For my response to Dani’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below…


Hi Dani,

I would love to help you make it through this period of ever-expanding waists… and thighs 🙂

Maternity wear can indeed be a little challenging for the stylishly-inclined because ‘maternity’ clothes on a whole are just plain ugly!

My philosophy is that whatever you buy, you should be able to (and indeed want to ) wear it after you’ve had the baby.

For both of my pregnancies I never actually wore maternity clothes but instead got a bit creative with more generous shapes and cuts… and as luck would have it, fashion is currently going through a particularly sporty-meets-voluminous stage – think maxi dresses, drop-crotch pants, kaftan tops and elastic waistbands.

To help you on your way, I’ve popped together a some really well-priced (and as every mother will appreciate, machine washable!) pieces and some fun accessories that’ll give you lots of great options for the coming summer months.

I hope all this helps – let me know how you go and please don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions,

x Inez.

outfit 1
1.   Moschino ‘Olive Oyl’ silk bandana, $67
2.   Country Road swing shell top, $96.75
3.   Gorman ‘Submerge’ pant, $149
4.   Stella McCartney ‘Cornelia’ flatform sandals, £250

outfit 2
5.   Sportsgirl ‘Back to Basics’ necklace, $29.95
6.   Country Road print smock, $74.96
7.   One Teaspoon ‘Anarchy Hunters’ denim shorts, $99
8.   Seed ‘Emma’ espadrilles, $49.95
9.   Soludos x Lemlem espadrilles, $180.03

outfit 3
10. Sunday Somewhere ‘Dot’ sunglasses, $270
11. Madewell overalls, $176
12. Gorman ‘Arcade’ sandals, $171.75

outfit 4
13. Gorman ‘Hoop de Loop’ earrings, $39
14. Country Road floral print maxi dress, $149.25
15. Witchery ‘Daria’ slide, $119.95

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