The Classic Club

Tuesday 8th Dec 2015

Fashion-fancies come and go but admissions to the ‘Classic Club’ remain ever strict.

So it’s a good thing that this charming, handsome crew get on so well together.

Mingling in the ‘Club Lounge’ you’ll find trench coats, stripe tees, white canvas sneakers, black blazers
 not to mention all my favs from todays post: fun-buns, silk scarves, cats-eyes, hoop earrings and sleeveless linen shirts.

See something you like?

Follow the link below for all the details from the shoot

Furla ‘Tigerskin Carre’ silk scarf, $249
Lucy Folk ‘Pearl Diver’ Freshwater pearl hoop earrings, $395
Uniqlo sleeveless linen shirt, $39.90
Topshop MOTO ‘Vintage Dais’y denim shorts, £24

Photography: Rachel Kara
Styling: Inez Garcia
Hair and makeup: Danielle Butcher
Model: Emma Barley

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