The Cuff

Thursday 3rd Dec 2015

‘Off the Cuff’
definition: without preparation, impromptu, extempore.
origin: stemming from the 19th century practice of men writing informal notes on their detachable (and disposable) cuffs…

Which raises a whole new discussion as to why men felt the need to have disposable cuffs!

Anyhoo… What has this got to do with todays post?

Not a whole lot, aside from the fact that I’ve collected the loveliest collection of the other sort of cuffs – the pretty, bejewelled, non-disposable kind.

Got just the arm in mind for one of these handsome styles?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. IAM by Ileana Makri ‘Double Spike’ gold-plated cubic zirconia cuff, $451
2. Aurélie Bidermann ‘Soho’ gold-plated and cotton cuff, $260
3. Aurélie Bidermann ‘Braided’ gold-plated cuff, $410
4. Jennifer Fisher ‘Ball’ gold-plated cuff, $492
5. Arme De L’amour ‘Bamboo’ gold-plated arm cuff, $376
6. Jennifer Fisher small square gold-plated arm cuff, $268

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