The White Cotton Shirt

Thursday 17th Dec 2015

We’re all on the lookout for stylish shortcuts – those unfailingly easy pieces that can be counted upon to come together at a moments notice.

My go-to?

The White Cotton Shirt.

I know, I know… fashionable types are always throwing the words ‘essential’ and ‘white shirt’ at you

And the ironing! And the whole keeping-it-white thing!

The trick that I’ve learnt (apart from the wonders of Napisan and spray starch) is to not limit yourself to just one, or even two. You need a handsome stash of these wonders on rotation – a veritable crisp cotton army that you can pair with denim shorts, tailored pants, roll-necks and overalls alike.

And most of all, don’t keep it simple. A classic white button down is fine, but the best styles flirt with shirting-convention: a diagonal placket here, an extended cuff there and pleats, tails and ruffles aplenty.

Now, go forth and start stashing!

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