Gladiator Sandals…

Friday 15th Jan 2016

Hi Inez,

I’ve heard that gladiator sandals are big this summer.

Can you give me a 101 guide to the dos and don’ts of getting my gladiators on?


For my response to Georgie’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below…


Hi Georgie,

I have to be straight with you – this is no one of those trends where I’m going to say ’there’s something for everyone’.

With Gladiator sandals, this is sadly just not the case…

The fact of the matter is, if your not genetically blessed with lovely, long lean (yet attractively toned) legs, then these sandals are not for you.

But if legs are your ‘thing’, then yes (!!) Gladiator sandals are your fast track to fun times #woohoo

The trick to making the most of these handsome, strappy numbers is in creating the right balance (read: the long with the short, the high with the low).

There needs to be a sizeable gap between the bottom of your hem and the top of your sandal or else they will end up ‘cutting ‘ you off and making your legs look heavy.

Gladiator sandals look great:
– with denim cutoffs
– with shift dresses (cut high above the knee).
– peeking out from gloriously swishy, printed sheer silk maxi dresses
– and of course, a tan

Gladiator sandals do not look great:
– worn with long pants
– worn over long pants (yes, this would seem obvious but I’ve seen it done and it’s. not. okay.)
– longer skirts, cut below the knee

Keen to know?

Stay tuned for my Gladiator Sandal Roundup, coming soon!


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