The Ruffled Bib-Front Shirt

Friday 29th Jan 2016

In my relentless pursuit of fashion, Iā€™ve noticed an interesting developmentā€¦

Ruffled bib-front shirts are everywhere!

Kind of like a fancy Western shirt, only more restrained (if you can really say that about ruffled bib-front shirt), they so handsomelyĀ stroll the line between charmingĀ and cheekyĀ and lookĀ pretty darn cute teamed with this seasons frayed-edge denim.

Keen to see more?

Follow the link below for my round up of all the loveliest styles in store nowā€¦

1. Vivetta ā€˜Adinaā€™ ruffle bib blouse, $432.59
2. Etro ruffle bib blouse, $516.23
3. NO. 21 ruffle bib blouse, $756
4. Valentino ruffle bib blouse, $788
5. Sonia Rykiel ruffle bib blouse, $509
6. Vanessa Bruno ruffle bib blouse, $611.67
7. Red Valentino ruffle bib blouse, $459.39
8. Trademark ruffle bib blouse, $465

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