What Earrings Should I Be Wearing?

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016

Dear Inez,

I stopped wearing earrings when my babies were small, so I missed the whole ear cuff trend.

Now my childrenĀ are no longer tugging on my ears (and Iā€™m going out at night more) I want to start wearing earrings again.

Am I too late for ear cuffs?

Or should I be looking at chandelier earrings for evenings now instead?

Love to hear your thoughts,

For my response to Ninaā€™s ā€˜Ask INEZā€™, follow the link belowā€¦


Hi Nina,

It’s true, chandelier earrings and ear-cuffs have beenĀ big… but what I’m more excited about lately is the way fashion has been embracing a little asymmetry when it comes to our earlobes.

Celine introduced the idea of wearing just one big, oversized statement earring a while back, which got us all thinking… “Do I have to always wear matching earrings??”

My answer: “Hell no!”

What I’m particularly loving is the idea of mixing up your hoops… link a fewĀ sleepers together to createĀ a drop earring and then team this with a large black hoop in the other ear.

So wonderfulĀ inĀ a Wabi Sabi: The Beauty in The ImperfectionĀ kind of way.

And to help you on your way, I just so happen to have popped together an edit of some my favourite hoops and sleepers available in store now…

x Inez.

1. Amante 18ct gold earrings, $209
2. L. Erickson ‘Jumbo’ hoop earrings, $89.71
3. Kristin Hanson Agate hoop earrings, $487.87
4. Shiels 9ct gold earrings, $74.95
5. Prouds 9ct gold earrings, $64.95
6. L. Erickson hoop earrings, $48

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