The Tuck

Thursday 25th Feb 2016

One of my favourite, most used styling tricks is absolutely free.

I call it ‘The Tuck’ (…for want of a better name).

I use this one A LOT on fashion shoots, ad campaigns and bad hair days alike.

And the best bit is that you don’t really need to do anything… the beauty of ‘The Tuck’ is in the NOT doing.

What is this ‘Tuck’ that I speak of?

Once you’ve popped on your coat, jacket, trench or skivvy-neck knit, simply resist the urge to remove your hair from the collar… and then, *voila* a charmingly under thought, soft, tousled, face-framingly perfect ‘do’ that pretty much always looks good (with the added bonus of keeping your neck warm at the same time).

Trust me, I’m a stylist 🙂

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