The Denim Shirt

Friday 26th Feb 2016

Denim shirts are like red lipstick – there are just sooo many shades to choose from.

But everyone has their¬†one¬†perfect shade… you know, that one that just works every.single.time.

Once you find each other, you become inseparable.

And denim shirts also happen to be the perfect backdrop for all those fun pieces of jewellery that you bought on a whim and really wish you’d wear more, but just never seem to get around to it (or is that just me??)

Anyhoo, for those of you that are¬†still yet to find their¬†perfect ‚Äėone‚Äô¬†(of the chambray persuasion)¬†I’m here for you!

Follow the link below for some particularly handsome styles that in stores now…

1. Rag&Bone ‚ÄėLeeds‚Äô denim shirt, $268
2. 7 For All Mankind ‚ÄėThe Weekend‚Äô denim shirt, ¬£90
3. J.Crew ‚ÄėAlways‚Äô denim shirt, $142
4. Closed denim shirt, $265
5. M.Grifoni Denim short, $131
6. Two by Vince Camuto denim shirt, $131.40
7. Closed denim shirt, $231
8. Saint Laurent denim shirt, $815
9. Madewell denim shirt, $118

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