Nikki Couppee Jewellery

Friday 11th Mar 2016

Nikki Couppee’s bio lists her as “a jewellery artist and metalsmith working in plexiglass, acrylic resin, brass and steel”… which does her absolutely no service at all.

Whilst perfectly accurate, this description goes no way to describe the magically coloured confections that regularly spring forth from her imagination.

Equal parts opulent and whimsical, Nikki’s charmingly faceted clusters take shape in necklaces and earrings with a style and mind unto themselves.

“I’m seeking to create opulent jewellery that is reminiscent of royal jewellery but made out of everyday materials instead of precious gems and metals, with plexiglass, brass, steel, enamel and found objects standing in for gemstones, gold, and pearls”.

Keen to see more of what I’m talking about?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Check out her website here

Or else her latest offering over at Etsy here


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