Shirt Tails

Thursday 24th Mar 2016

And do you know what looks great with neck scarves?

A white shirt.

Always. Every time. Never fails.

And my favourite style of white shirt?

Those ones with asymmetric hems that have that little extra ‘tail’ at the back, which always look so great with cropped pants, jeans, shorts and skirts alike.

Keen to see some more styles?

Follow the link below for my roundup of all the best styles in store now…

1. Dion Lee ‘Quarter’ shirt, $395
2. Stella McCartney ‘Drop Jones’ shirt, $216.51
3. Nomia tunic, $330
4. French Connection shirt, £99
5. Mushi ‘Dip Back’ Shirt, $19.90
6. James Perse ‘Smocked Bib’ shirt, $163
7. 3.1 Phillip Lim short, $375

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