The Shoe Accessory

Wednesday 9th Mar 2016

My explorations as a fashion stylist have led me down many and varied (admittedly, very stylish) paths.

On one such sojourn, I discovered these handsome guys – kind of like the love child of Phoebe Philo and a golf pro (indeed, an unlikely coupling
 but stranger things have happened, right??)

Before you start reaching for your credit cards though, these are not available to buy in the shops
 well, they are but what I’ve also discovered is that ‘shoe accessories’ are a thing.

This leather fringing is actually a separate purchase that can be made to ‘jazz up’ your existing sneakers.


Me too.

Follow the link below for some options that I’ve since uncovered


You can buy white leather tassel fringes for your sneakers here, here or else here.

But if you’re more of the ‘crafty’ persuasion, you could also make yourself a pair by following this easy step-by-step tutorial that I found.


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