A Wooly Office Romance

Monday 25th Apr 2016

Knits are great. Few would disagree. Some of our favourites memories have been shared with knits… namely because we relegate them to our cold-weather weekend and holidays wardrobes.

But you’re totally selling them short.

There’s so much more to your ‘relationship’ that’s still to be explored.

Designers of late have been totally upping their knitwear-game with more technical cuts and compositions that sees these wooly numbers looking pretty sharp.

Stepping out of their (warm, comfy) shadows, knitwear can now be seen mingling in the office, at parties and maybe even on a date or two.

So to get this (woolly) ball rolling, follow the link below for my edit of the best knit tops, just perfect for the office, that you can buy online…

1. Bassike lambswool knit top, $380
2. Helmut Lang cashmere knit, $520
3. Country Road knit top, $111.75
4. Strateas Carlucci ’Armour Cuff’ knit top, $685
5. Marcs ‘Leandra’ knit top, $179
6. Jac+Jack ‘Teddy’ knit op, $649
7. Veronica Maine ‘Milano’ knit top, $209

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