The Black Lace Bodysuit

Friday 29th Apr 2016

And just in time for the weekend, a little bit of black lace to get you in the mood.

“But I’d never actually wear a lace bodysuit”

…I hear you say.

Do you know why you think that??

Because you associate black lace with ’special’ and you save it up for the ‘right’ occasion (which strangely never seems to actually happen).


In my opinion, the best way to wear lace is where you’d least expect it – with that well-worn white cotton tee, under a boxy cut cotton shirt that you love to wear all loose and sloppy or else with your favourite chunky knit – trust me, I’m a stylist 😉

Feeling like you might need to see some more options?

I’ve got you covered.

Follow the link below for my edit of the loveliest black lace bodysuits available in store now…

1. Annie Bing lace bodysuit, $216.58
2. Bluebella lace bodysuit, £42
3. Calvin Klein $189.95
4. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur ‘Layla’ lace bodysuit, $193
5. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur ‘Jada’ lace bodysuit, $167
6. Roses Are Red lace bodysuit, $452
7. Stella McCartney Lingerie ’Fleur Dancing’ lace bodysuit, £65
8. Topshop lace bodysuit, £36

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