The Black Turtleneck

Wednesday 20th Apr 2016

Here at INEZ Daily,  we’re always chatting about those elusive essentials, be it…

What All The Cool Girls Are Wearing

How To Nail the Perfect Back-to-Work Look

or simply

What You Need In Your Wardrobe.

But there’s one piece that we don’t chat nearly enough about – one thing that has been a constant in my wardrobe for many, many (maaaaany) years – the black turtle neck top.

Ever flattering in a face framing, elegantly-neck-lengthening kind of way, the black turtle neck is your perfect cool weather companion and looks great on its own or else under coats, jackets and knits
 but that’s not the end of their (handsome) story.

For a new take on some of your wardrobe favourites, try layering a slim-fitting black turtle neck under blouses, shell tops, dresses, jumpsuits and even that bustier you bought on sale and have been saving for ‘something special’ (read: don’t quite know when you’re going to wear it).

Are you feeling the love too?

Need to see more?

Follow the link below for my roundup of all the best styles that you can buy online right now

1. Won Hundred ‘Kamma’ turtle neck top, $285
2. ASOS turtle neck top, $25
3. Uniqlo Supima cotton turtle neck top, $9
4. Dress Up turtle neck top, $215

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