The Mini Cross-Body Bag

Friday 1st Apr 2016

I remember at a very young age having my mother explain to me (somewhat emphatically) the difference between needs and wants (or in my case, that would have been neeeeeeds!!!).

Thanks to this important life lesson, I know now that I don’t actually need another handbag
 but fashions recent flirtation with these super-cute mini cross-body bags sure has me with a serious case ‘The Wants’.

You feeling it too?

Need to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of all the best styles in store now…

1. Vince Camuto ‘Mila’ mini crossbody bag, $138.60
2. Sophie Hulme mini crossbody bag, $530.05
3. Stella McCartney mini crossbody bag, $1459
4. ChloĂ© ‘Drew’ mini crossbody bag, $2230
5. INC ‘Hadlee’ mini crossbody bag, $66.40
6. See By Chloé mini crossbody bag, $376.93
7. Cole Haan ‘Eva’ mini crossbody bag, $251.70
8. Furla ‘Metropolis’ mini crossbody bag, $459.20

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