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Friday 8th Apr 2016

Hey Inez

I’m a mum going back to work after almost 2 years off, running around in jeans, Bassike tees andĀ Converse sneakers.

Trouble is, I’ve started a new job where my current wardrobe just won’t cut it. Not only am I going back to office life but it’s a creative office with a very tricky dress codeĀ – there’s leather minis, short shorts, sneakers and lots of top knots (on the boys).

I’m not in a creative role so still want to seem professional but I need some help nailing the wardrobe basics. To add to this, I’ve got about 3 seconds to get ready In the morning with an energetic messy toddler hanging off my arm,Ā wanting to play.

I love a good basic but I’m not afraid of a statement piece to break things up every now and again.

Any help you can offer would be amazing!

Thanks so much!


For my response to Carolineā€™s ā€˜Ask INEZā€™, follow the link belowā€¦

Hi Caroline,

Agreed, it can be quite the feat sashaying that delicate line between stylish and serious.

But youā€™re a working mum, so Iā€™m going to keep it simple.

Below is a break down of the 10 things all cool girls have in their work wardrobe this season, (to team with all those existing wardrobe staples you already own, like a pair of tailored black pants, a silk blouse and a pair of block heeled pumps).

1. A Bomber Jacket
This seasons answer to both chilly mornings and peer group admiration. You can check out some of my favourites here.

2. Designer Denim
Be it jeans, dresses, jumpsuits or skirts, the stylish-set starts each great outfit with a piece of designer denim.Ā The hit list – VĆŖtements, Victoria BeckhamĀ andĀ Marquesā€™Almeida.

3. Sparkle
Thereā€™s been a wonderful, lurex-daubed rainbow thatā€™s descended upon fashion of late thatā€™s seen us all taking a fresh look at metallics. Look out for sparkly knit tops, like these onesā€¦
Marni metallic jacquard cardigan, $837
Missoni metallic crochet-knit top, $546
Marc by Marc Jacobs metallic knot top, ā‚¬109

4. A Neck Scarf
Always. Every time. Never fails. Hereā€™s some inspiration for you… and here’s some of my favourite styles.

5. The Slipper Shoe
Essentially a flat mule with a makeover, The Slipper Shoe is equal parts comfort, style and fashion know-how – that also happens to look great withā€¦

6. Drop Crotch Pants
This easy style is not new but it isnā€™t going away either. Why? Because itā€™s both comfortable AND flattering #truestory. These are the pairĀ that I play on repeat.

7. Celine Sunglasses
Sure, thereā€™s lots of great styles out there… but Celine sunglasses take it to another level. Admittedly, theyā€™re not cheap (so youā€™re going to have to try your damnedest to not lose them)… but I just so happen to have found this great site that sells them at a discount.

8. The Mini Cross-Body Bag
And do you know the best way not to loseĀ your sunglassesĀ – in this handbag.

9. Hair Clips
This oft-forgotten accessory can be quite the game changer on those days when yourĀ (woefully neglected) hair is not cooperating… affording you way more style points than life has allowed you to muster on your own. Check out my favourite brand here.

10. A Statement Bangle
The Statement Bangle is a busy girlā€™s best friend, deftly transforming the most simple of outfits into something that looks waaaay more considered than. Check outĀ my current obsession here.

x Inez.

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