What Hat Should I Be Wearing?

Tuesday 12th Apr 2016

Dear Inez,

They say that 50% of your body heat escapes through your head, but beanies are itchy and don’t suit me.

Can you recommend another warm hat that will look cute for winter?



For my response to Gabrielle’s ‘Ask INEZ’, follow the link below…


Hi Gabrielle,

I’ve never been a big fan of beanies and am thoroughly bored with the last few seasons fashion staple, the wide brim felt hat.

I reckon this winter is all about the Greek Fisherman’s Cap and its whimsically charming sense of seafaring nostalgia (that will also look pretty cute with all you stripy tops).

And to get you started, I’ve popped together an edit of all my favourite styles, in stores now.

x Inez

1. Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap, $29
2. Casquette Marin Greek Fisherman Cap, €29.17
3. Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap, $40
4. Hills Hats Greek Fisherman Cap, $111.50

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