Bottle Green

Monday 9th May 2016

It would seem that many of us still harbour less-than-fond memories of our school uniforms – or more specifically, the colours maroon and bottle green.

The thing is, I reckon it was those unshapely poly-blend blazers and awkwardly long and universally unflattering kilts that actually have a lot more to answer for.

And it would seem I’m not alone, as both of these handsome hues have been experiencing a recent spike in popularity amongst the stylish set.

Case in point – just look how cute these bottle green pants are with this stripy top (which I’m sure you’re not short of, but in case you’re in need of an update, check this out).

Feeling yourself warming a little to bottle green?

Need to see more?

As luck would have it, I just so happen to have rounded up all the loveliest bottle green pants available in store now.

For all the info, follow the link below…

1. ASOS ‘Cigarette’ pant, $58
2. Kenzo ‘Shadow Flowers’ pants, $244
3. Marni ‘Kick-Flare’ cropped pants, $869
4. Marni cropped pants, $1080
5. The Fifth Label ‘Up and Away’ pants, $69.95
6. Marni cropped silk tapered pants, $837
7. Stella McCartney ‘Bob’ zip pants, $183
8. Incotex drawstring pants, $394.79

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