Caron Callahan

Monday 23rd May 2016

I’m typically neither here-nor-there about bows – I totally understand how some people would like them, but they’ve just never really been ‘my thing’.

That is until I spotted this terracotta-hued trapeze shirt with the most perfect of oversized bows… and I made it my mission to discover its designer…

I’m pleased to report that my efforts were most definitely not in vain, as I’ve since discovered a wonderful new collection: Caron Callahan.

Named after the label’s owner and designer, Callahan cites the inspiration as ‘creative, spirited woman who loves fashion but don’t need to make a fuss about them’.

The result?

Pieces that are as much playful as they are wearable.

Does this sound like you?

Keen to see more?

You can find her current collection online at the following boutiques…


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